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  • Teaching style: We take an expositional teaching approach with content based in the Bible, which we believe to be God’s Word. These sermons come in the form of sermon series and books of the Bible.

  • Worship style: We sing and worship as a way of celebrating the person and work of Jesus Christ. We value the importance of corporate singing and choose songs that are Biblical and make much of Christ. We strive to make worship appropriate for all congregations and we do this through singing both modern and traditional songs.

  • What to wear: Dress however you feel comfortable.

  • Where to park: We have parking available on-site, along the road, and across the road from the front entrance of the church.

  • Where to enter: Feel free to enter through the front doors, but we encourage new guests and families with children to enter through the welcome center located through the double doors on the right side of the worship center.